Form First- The Importance of Proper Form During Exercise


Before beginning any exercise movement or lifting any amount of weight, it is important to train our bodies on correct posture and the specific pattern in which we need our bodies to move in order to successfully perform a certain exercise.  By focusing first on structure, stability and balance we are laying the foundation for a strong body and healthy spine. Everything we do, whether it is in the gym or an activity of daily life such as lifting up our children or picking up a small object off the floor, creates a neurological pathway or a particular pattern in which we naturally perform a task. When we practice utilizing good form in our exercises we re-enforce using the same good form throughout our activities of daily living. When a person performs an exercise or activity without utilizing correct form they are setting themselves up for injury and dysfunction in the long run.

This week we are going to breakdown Good Form vs. Bad Form for five common exercises that are essential to everyday activities. Unsure about a certain exercise? Ask Dr. Alicia Barnes or Sarah Barnes E.P. to form check you when you come in for your next appointment!

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